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Lashaunda Vaughn

As the owner of Pretty Moments Boutique, her passion has always been to help women feel amazing. Her life has been filled with pivotal moments that have transformed her into the woman she is today. These moments have also inspired her to reach the goal of opening her own boutique in order to continue helping women feel confident and pretty in their own skin. Here is her story.


As a woman who was always a hard to fit customer, she often left the bra department discouraged and frustrated. She knew shopping for bras was a necessity but dreaded the very thought of stepping foot into a lingerie store. She remembers trying on a beautiful dress she saw on the mannequin in the store. She relates after the beautiful dress didn’t fit she felt the same disappointment  as With her failed attempt to find the perfect bra. Leaving the store frustrated and heartbroken, she thought to herself nothing looks good on my body. Sounds familiar ladies?


With her heart on her sleeve she decided to take a job at Nordstrom Lingerie Department and in time became a certified bra fit specialist. After obtaining her certification she went on to travel to New York and attended a special workshop where she learned how to adapt her styling and fitting skills to a variety of body types. Learning the Anatomy of a woman’s  breast tissue and shape, helped her learn the Anatomy of different body types and shapes. This knowledge and confidence has helped Her find the perfect bra size and clothing styles for countless satisfied customers.  In time she came to realize that it’s ok if the dress on the mannequin doesn't fit, what matters most is that a woman learns how to style her body shape, and practice self love. Lashaunda learned to be kind to herself and thankful for what her body does every day for her. This experience is why She is committed to providing high quality lingerie and expert styling services to every woman.


Pretty Moments Boutique has big plans while transitioning from brick and mortar to e- commerce and virtual services.  The goal of Pretty Moments is to never stop providing amazing exclusive trend setting  products, services and personal attention. The boutique strives to make it their aim to give every woman the same shopping  experience and bra fitting experience, in the comfort of her very own home as she would have in the shop. Pretty Moments Boutique is committed to continue to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to feel confident, comfortable and most of all Pretty. Pretty Moments Boutique will always be dedicated to their mission for every woman to feel like VIP when she experiences her Pretty Moment. 

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